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Jay Sin Speaks! Interview with the Director

Posted on 15 April 2009 by Jay Sin

Dear Valued Members,
Welcome back to the Butt Blog. Here is an interview Jay did recently with Evil Angel general manager Christian Mann.
Jay Sin is a young director who combines an anarchic passion for girl’s holes (and what can fit in them!) with a precariously disciplined artist’s eye for color and perspective. The result is an insidiously inviting, candy-colored pornographic world that’s immediately identifiable from the first minute of any given scene. Guys, when they are present are not the focus of Sin’s attention–like the oversized butt-plugs double-headed dildos, candy canes & lollipops that his girls gleefully deep throat & make disappear up each other’s pussies and assholes. The guys cock’s are mostly props for femme fun and games. Which considering the gals’ rapaciously hungry holes, does make them the luckiest props ever!
Jay has been directing exclusively for Evil Angel for well over a year now, releasing a torrent of unusual and highly successful titles including Milk Nymphos 1 and 2, Deep Anal Abyss 1 and 2, Gape Lovers, and Anal Acrobats, Anal Buffet.

CHRISTIAN MANN: What is an Anal Acrobat?
JAY: I got the name from John Stagliano. He was watching a scene with girls doing tricks with their butts: inserting odd objects, slowly pushing them out, anal winking. John thought that the word acrobat best described the action in my movies.

CM: How is it different than all the other anal themed movies out there?
JAY: What I serve in my movies is a large portion of anal action. My movies are overloaded with anal play. I do this because I used to fast-forward to these parts in other videos, but in my movies its non-stop.

CM: What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever filmed?
JAY: Probably the whipped cream enema in Milk Nymphos 2. I made a nozzle for the top of a whipped cream can that could be inserted into the girl’s ass. In this case it was Emma Heart and Tia Sweets.
They had a great time and there’s nothing mean or violent about it. It’s nasty but fun. That’s what I try to convey. I want the girls to push their nastiness to the limit, but it’s their doing. I give the girls the instruments and let them go. I make sure it looks good. They are in control. It’s bizarre, but it’s not rough. It’s a fetish.

CM: Who is the most daring performer you have ever shot?
JAY: Amber Rayne in Deep Anal Abyss 1. She took the longest toy in her ass of anyone I have ever seen. Probably 13 inches! I cast this movie looking for girls that could go deep. When she started she said “Sure, I’ll give it a shot.” Next thing I knew it was gone! There’s nothing Amber isn’t willing to try.

CM: What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened on one of you sets?
JAY: In Gape Lovers 3 I had both girls (Amber Rayne & Adrianna Nicole) dressed as honey bees fighting over honey. They were trying to suck the honey out of each others

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  1. assmuscle Says:

    anythink about Milk Nymphos 3???
    Pretty Sloppy was so wonderful ty again

  2. 247Jo Says:

    interesting that you find some inspiration from hentai. would love to see a scene where western girls are dressed in japanese style highschool swimming costumes with loose socks and leather shoes. gothic lolita style dresses would be absolutely amazing as well. emma heart would look incredible in such a dress.

  3. .::lU Says:

    Hi there Jay

    Indeed would be great to see some school girls action on your movies. You know, some gapeing/streaching lessons the way only you can recreate.

    Thanx for keepin

  4. conejo Says:

    You should do more scenes like Amber

  5. Sean Glenn Says:

    How’s it going Jay,

    I was wondering is Anal buffet 2 still on line for a May 20th release? I was also wondering why it was removed from the coming soon releases on the evil angel website. Was it removed to add more footage to it or was the release date changed?

  6. Jay Sin Says:

    Anal Buffet is going to be rescheduled to a later date.
    As it stands right now GAPE LOVERS 4 is going to be released on June 22nd. From there we can look forward to Anal Acrobats 4 which
    is slotted for a July 27th street date.

    The Jay Sin Web Team

  7. Boyd Says:

    Please tell me that Anal Buffet 2 will still be coming out. Cant wait to see Flower in your movies again.
    Keep up the great work, you are definately one of the best directors out there.
    would love to see more of Carmella Bing and possibly a big tit anal gapping movie (with some big cocks too).

    Can wait to see whats coming up.

  8. Jay Sin Says:

    Well, Boyd, we have good news for you. Although it will be after the release of both Anal Acrobats 4 and Gape Lovers 4 we can promise you that by August you’ll be seeing Anal Buffet 2. No street date yet but its coming.
    Jay is on his way back from Europe after spending an exhausting few months shooting continuously and he has some real
    surprises in store for everyone. Lots of material that will be WEB ONLY, not on the DVDs!

  9. Sean Glenn Says:

    Dear Jay,

    How many of your upcoming movies will Aliz, Jenny Baby, and Tarra White be in? And who is this new girl that you found for Gape Lovers 4 who you said it was rare to find and she has a huge gape and can rim so sexy, who is she?

  10. assmuscle Says:

    ^^Anna Kournikova!!?

  11. Boyd Says:

    Any chance we can see some foot fetish /anal gape/ spit play action?
    would love to see another anal beach buns also (was one of your best)…..

  12. Sean Glenn Says:

    Dear Jay,

    In my opinion you are the best ever when it comes to shooting anal. I love the close ups of the gapes, winks, rimming, and pushing out of objects. This is what makes your style of shooting anal so unique. I love when the women are bent over with both knees pressed together and they either wink their assholes or get a good rimming. please include more of this in your future releases. Love all your movies and keep up the good work.
    Don’t change your style for anyone it is the absolute best to me.

  13. din stegl Says:

    Gongratulations for your GREAT series Jay Sin!!
    Please come back soon with MILK NYMPHOS 3 and ANAL ACROBATS 4!!
    These sales will crazy the audience….

  14. Berserk Says:

    Jay i think you are a nice director, i love all your anal scenes, i thinked if you can make a nurse scene, thats sounds wondering, and i want to see more from Anal Acrobats, it’s the bes what i seen, congratulations and thanks!

  15. Dils Quarl Says:

    Hey Jay Sin, I LOVE the gape lovers series, and all the nastiness about it. you’re my hero, favorite porn director bro.

    I love the scenes where pretty girls gape really wide and the other girl sticks her tounge WAY deep in there and toungs/rims it.


    thanks again man.

  16. John Robinson Says:

    Love the movies Bro!!! Awesome angles, themes, & lighting all perfect. How about adding some hot black chicks to the mix like Naomi Knoxxx, Ayana Angel, Melody Nakai, or America Moore.

    thanks for the great films!

  17. Ass Maniac Mike Says:

    I have been watching hardcore porn for close to 20 years.
    I will honestly say that Jay Sin is BY FAR THE GREATEST DIRECTOR IN THE HISTORY OF PORN!
    I have watched every film of his that I can get my hands on, including any he has done separate from the Evil Angel label. I love every single one of them.
    Jay Sin, you have taken porn to the next level. Anal sex is no longer about chicks doing a taboo sexual act. It has now become a talent show of extreme proportions. I love the action, close ups, costumes and set design. My favorite sets are the white back drops and minimal distractions.
    If there is a favorite scene of all time, it might be the scene in Anal Lesbian Sweethearts with Kacey Jordan and Rebecca Blue. That scene must have been so much fun to shoot.
    I agree with some of the other comments about mix races. I too would love to see more black women with big cheeks and some more scenes with Asian girls.

    If you are in need of cosplay ideas: I would enjoy viewing the alien anal probing of some unsuspecting farm girl. Complete with odd shaped dildos and an enema using fluorescent colored liquids.

    Keep up the fantastic work Jay, you’re living the dream! :D


  18. a_muslim Says:

    hi Jay,
    Congrats dude! You are the best of the best porn directors of all time.

    I have one question:
    do you ass-fuck these girls or just watch the guys doing it and you are only directing? are you such a fool? …

  19. Jay`sfan Says:

    Jay, I can`t speak for the rest but spit is OK as long as it comes out of a girl`s mouth. From a guy`s mouth is pretty disgusting. So is all that new violence in porn nowadays guys smacking girls on the face and all, I think that is too much and unnecessary. Cheers.

  20. Jay`sfan Says:

    I forgot to ask, didn`t I see deep anal abbyss 3 announced somewhere? When will that movie be on the streets?

  21. jay`sfan Says:

    Jay, I am sorry to say I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when I got my hands on anal beach buns 2, just TOO MANY DICKS. Not a single hot anal lesbian gaping scene. I hope I did not missed it, if there was any because I used the fast forward button all throughout.

    Nothing like you have us accustomed to. Please take this as constructive criticism from one of your biggest fans. Also it would be very hot to include a very hairy pregnant woman in your nasty lesbian scenes. I also don`t know what all that hitting , and spitting has to do with porn nowadays. Cheers.

  22. josh Says:

    jaysin i love your movies with passion i cant take my mind off of them for 10 seconds im serious lol. i thank you for all your hard work. i buy your movies hoping to hear your beautiful stars fart lol. the more you put in the better it will be i look forward to purchasing all your vids to see which ones have it in them. i was truly happy with pretty sloppy 2. the last scene with the milk was so enjoyable thanks.

  23. jay`s fan Says:

    What`s on the agenda Jay? how about bobbi star and Amber rayne together, and perhaps aurora snow? They love HUGE gapes, and SO DO WE. I hope to watch more of your hot anal lesbian movies soon, Tell Bobbi to let those pussy hairs grow out of control, enough baldies already.

  24. Dr Golden Says:


    THANK you for putting together the Pretty Sloppy series. I have been waiting for someone to focus on lesbian spit play and you did a GREAT job. One request–love seeing the ladies spitting on their own and eachother’s tits, but how about seeing them lick it off their OWN boobs? Self tit-licking with spit is HOT!!!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  25. John Says:

    please,please milk nymphos 3

  26. JOSH Says:


  27. stanwoot Says:

    Jay Sin, you should make the first mainstream movie strictly dedicated to farts! It would be great and you are the man to do it!

  28. Jay Sin Says:

    Didn’t Chuck Berry already do a film showcasing farts? But then again, maybe that wasn’t for public consumption. Too bar Timothy Carey didn’t live to make The Insect Trainer. That would be right up your alley, so to speak.

  29. Jay Sin Says:

    Too bad Timothy Carey didn’t live to make The Insect Trainer. That would be right up your alley, so to speak.

  30. ilyayar Says:

    Hi Jay!!! looking forward to Milk Nymphos 3,4,5 ……
    the whole of Russia!

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